Starting to bring things together.

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After the Livestream today, I uploaded a lot of progress photos for the Metropolis painting and loaded them up in the Life of Glych portion of the site, as I’m turning that into my production blog. You can find all of the archives here, which might be the easiest way at first. The archives rotate […]

The Life of Glych

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This comic has been sitting in the “Out” box on my desk for over a year now, so it’s about time to upload it. I’m retroactively uploading the old archives today and tomorrow, so if you visit and it seems like there are huge chunks of the story missing, that’d be why. I just need […]

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Living Out One’s Dreams…

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  Well, hello there. So, as I write this there is still one hour and 40 minutes left of February 1st, 2012 and I did promise you daily updates on the first. I’m going to try and write up at least one wrap-up post of the workings of the Panel2Panel offices each day. But to […]

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New updates…

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The website header is almost completely done aside from a small aesthetically off thing that bugs me, but if you don’t notice it, I won’t point it out to you or that will be all you see. I’ve organized and set the archive pages so they read correctly and have good images linked to all of the […]

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State of the Panel Address

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Starting in January, Panel2Panel will be starting a production blog covering the progress of our various projects. The archives will be shifting around a bit as well as the design before then, so please be patient with the site.  P2P will also be bringing in a few new people to manage some of the content […]

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Comics a’comin’

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  It was a very busy weekend for the Glych so I am obviously a bit late in posting comics for today. A new Ollie page is coming as well as some more No Stereotypes uploaded and Life of Glych comics. Though I didn’t attend the San Diego Comic Book Convention, I have many friends […]

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