And her name was Jessica…

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It took me a bit, but I finally was able to finish setting up the new computer. I named her Jessica because she is sexy. This means I’ll be able to start Livestreaming again. Yay! Livestream has set up a new feature to stream directly to Facebook and other platforms. This is excellent, but I’m […]

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New Computer

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I got a new computer. The good news is, new comics and stuff are a’comin.’ The bad is, I was delayed today in setting up the new computer, getting all of the software and hardware working, and getting it settled into the studio space. I told myself I would update every day, and this is […]

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State of the Panel, 2017

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More cartoonin‘ A photo posted by Amber Greenlee (@artglych) on Dec 27, 2016 at 11:55am PST I’ve been a busy girl this year… And not very good for not updating this site as much as I needed to. But there is a new year upon us, so it is our duty to push forward, putting […]

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Philo Shuffle

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I have located all of my Philo DVDs from the show back in Minneapolis, but realized many of my images are either lost or missing. For the time being, I have taken the archives down while I pair episode art with actual videos. I’ll be uploading at least one old Philo video a week randomly […]

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We went to storage the other day and looked through to find things to scan in for the website. We found the Philo DVDs so I’ll be getting those up on the website within the next few weeks. I’ve also set up Livestream to work again. We should be getting new videos up soon as […]

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Some Philo Archives!

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Woot! I got some Philo archives up until October of 2007 ***EDIT: January, 2008. There is almost another two years left of comics after that and the entire run of videos to upload, but I think I figured out a method for doing so. Behind the scenes, things have finally settled enough for me to […]


Relocation, location, location

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Coming out of online hibernation now. We made it to Denver without much to report. Both Ian and I are good and the cats all seem to be fine. For the moment, we’re staying with a friend until the house sells in California. Wow, I love this state! Between the glorious splendor of the Rocky […]

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