Livestreaming on Monday

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At 9am Monday morning (MST) I’ll be hitting the art table again to take on the Max painting. You can tune in below. We are slated for a full 3-hour session.

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Livestream Painting Tuesday

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Hi! I’ll be live-streaming a painting Tuesday morning at 9am MST (11am EST/8amPST). Come check it out. Below is the photo reference I am using for the photo. A neighbor of ours lost her cat so this painting is for her.

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Boba Fett Video

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Boba Fett is one of Ian’s favorite characters, so I painted this for him. It is a primary color scheme in a low key with medium and light highlights. Red, Blue, and Yellow are primarily used throughout the piece and as the base colors. The green was mixed from the base colors tying the composition […]

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Poison Ivy Video

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  I was using my Livestream account when I painted this. Here is that four hour taping compressed down to about seven minutes. A Red/Green complimentary color scheme in a medium key with light highlights. Enjoy!  

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Painting Boba Fett

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Here’s a video from the Pop Portrait series. Boba Fett, take 2. Enjoy!    

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Life moves on…

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Things have been hectic, over here at The Panel. For the past several months we’ve been prepping a move from southern California to to Denver, CO¬†and new opportunities. This means I won’t be able to upload any comics for the next few months and will probably be out of commission for new assignments until about […]

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State of the Panel, Summer 2014

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Hi All! Things have been very busy around the homestead of Amber Greenlee, as I am preparing a move from California to Denver in late June or early July. Due to the move, artwork updates have come to a standstill from my end and won’t pick up again until August first. Travis Miller will be […]

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