There’s only so much time…

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It’s a new year and a new plan! In the past, I’ve been doing back-end stuff in secret, thinking to myself that I didn’t have much to show for my effort because I felt like I was always treading water. In private conversations with friends and showing them what I have been working on, they all […]

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Going up?

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Website changes are in the future. Updates on Panel2panel have been so inconsistent over the last year for a variety of reasons. Excluding the personal, which needed to be dealt with in their own time, another boundary against consistent updates simply came down to my available time to do so. I have so many projects […]

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I got the archives page working right today. 🙂

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Plodding Through Purgatory

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The site is really shaping up, but I’m still running into a few issues. Last week, when I had the new site built originally, I had a Facebook Application plugged into the site to mirror the posts and comics there. This was working with the Comicpress system and not the new Easel system. It doesn’t […]

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Send up the flair

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I couldn’t figure out the formatting issue myself tonight so I sent a message to  Philip M. Hofer, a.k.a. Frumph, the original designer who made the plug-in. If anyone can figure it out, he can. This guy has been working on webcomic archiving way back since adapting Keenlite Pro from a pearl system to one of […]

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Troubles and Starts…

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I had 2 weeks of comics ready to go and Comicpress, the WordPress plugin I was using to manage my archives, crashed and took the site with it. I have changed over to Easel, but it will take some time. I will have to rebuild everything tonight. Thank you for your patience.   There will […]

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