Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans

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I was planning on having a No Stereotypes comic done and up yesterday. I even had a backlog set up. Last week there were two tragedies in my family; my mother’s brother had a heart attack and had his chest opened to put a stint in and clear his blocked arteries. While he has since woken up […]

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New No Stereotypes right now!

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No, I’m serious- check out the Livestream going on right now and see me working on new art. Click on that scared little Jody to see what we’re doing. I know I feel like she looks.

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Comic Characters and John Troutman

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So, there is an old saying in Hollywood- “Everything you have learned in life you will re-use later in life, so don’t forget anything –ever– if you can help it because you might need it later.” This goes for people, places, props, techniques, jokes- anything… So let’s focus on people for a second. The Four-Toon Tellers […]

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State of the Panel Address

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Starting in January, Panel2Panel will be starting a production blog covering the progress of our various projects. The archives will be shifting around a bit as well as the design before then, so please be patient with the site.  P2P will also be bringing in a few new people to manage some of the content […]

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New comics…

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Working at an SEO firm now has taught me a few things about updating and marketing. I’ve only learned what a bad web-artist I’ve been. Slowly, changing that, I have one (count ’em) one new comic in the archives this morning for No Stereotypes. You can view the comic here. I see there are some […]

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No Stereotypes is back!

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I figured out a great deal of the comics archives today and had quite the scare. Both my friends Robert Howard and Rob Withoff are to thank for my rescued archives from the many crashes of the many lives of Linda and various servers. So, to both my guys, thank you! I plan on updating […]

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Plodding Through Purgatory

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The site is really shaping up, but I’m still running into a few issues. Last week, when I had the new site built originally, I had a Facebook Application plugged into the site to mirror the posts and comics there. This was working with the Comicpress system and not the new Easel system. It doesn’t […]

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