Building Character – GE originally aired 02/18/2002

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This was a fun comic to do st the time. I had a very simple style for No Stereotypes so I was playing with more refined work. It wasn’t too bad so I thoght I’d post it for a Throwback Thursday. Enjoy.

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Remember that “Other Plans,” part?

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We’re moving to Denver. The news is sudden but welcome. This means my 3X a week plan has been cut down to only once a week for No Stereotypes. But that’s okay! New comic starting on the first from Travis Miller called Edda here on P2P to sustain you. Edda will update every following Monday unless something […]

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New No Stereotypes right now!

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No, I’m serious- check out the Livestream going on right now and see me working on new art. Click on that scared little Jody to see what we’re doing. I know I feel like she looks.

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Stereotypes, No More!

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I’m updating it again. Every archived comic is online and ready to update this week. Probably not a daily, like I used to, at least not at first- but it will be finished.

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