Life moves on…

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Things have been hectic, over here at The Panel. For the past several months we’ve been prepping a move from southern California to to Denver, CO¬†and new opportunities. This means I won’t be able to upload any comics for the next few months and will probably be out of commission for new assignments until about […]

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Metropolis Week

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This is where we left off yesterday. The lines are a little wonky, so I taped them down yesterday after I turned the camera off. That will be the first thing we paint today. I will not even be close to finishing this painting by the end of filming today, but little steps still climb […]

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Projects and Changes

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Still working on Metropolis today, so check that out! You can see me tackle Rotwang and finish up the laboratory side of the scene. I’m having fun with the colors, even though it’s still only the under-painting- Over this, I’m going to add tones of gray to wash out all of the color and really […]

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Setting up a City…

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I have been dragging my feet on this painting. No more. it’s time to plow through it and get it done. This week, I’ll be working on Metropolis, and doing a tutorial on color tomorrow as part of it, and basically painting away. I have the movie cued up now. Click the Mad Scientist below […]

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Livestreams and Life plans.

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I finished another day of Livestreaming painting “things,” and a new canvas. Next week I will be tackling one of my larger commissions. For now you can check out what I’ve done here. Here’s next week’s Livestreaming schedule: Monday 1pm-4pm(EST) – Painting and Pencils Tutorial Tuesday #3 1pm-4pm(EST) – Color Theory Wednesday 1pm-4pm(EST) – Painting […]

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