State of the Panel, 2017

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More cartoonin‘ A photo posted by Amber Greenlee (@artglych) on Dec 27, 2016 at 11:55am PST I’ve been a busy girl this year… And not very good for not updating this site as much as I needed to. But there is a new year upon us, so it is our duty to push forward, putting […]

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State of the Panel, October 2016

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So it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. My Facebook feed and page for Panel2Panel have been more active as has my instagram. Both my Twitter and Instagram accounts can be found her: @artglych. My Facebook you can follow, but not friend.   Recently, I have been finishing up a […]

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Part II, The Isle of Conclusions -GE originally aired 07/10/2002

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This was a fun comic to draw and one of the first comics I ever did digitally with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop. The lack of color was a creative choice to bring in hints later on. Even though I have learned a lot since making this comic and there are things I would do […]

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“The Fabulous Perils of February”

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This episode stars Amber Greenlee (hi!), Carolyn Kopecky, and Kay Kirstch at the table with Hamil Griffin-Cassidy playing the control room. Take it away Hamil! Philo was a call-in comic book show where Minneapolis wrote what the character did from panel to panel. The show aired Monday nights at 9pm on the Minneapolis Television Network […]

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Part I, The Black Sea- GE originally aired 07/09/2002

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There was a period of time between my 21st and 27th birthdays where I would experience bouts of depression without benefit of diagnosis. These periods would rob me of inspiration and confidence to create. This is one of those early comics I made to try and stave off the dark wolves nipping at the heals […]

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This episode stars Carolyn Kopecky, Shawna Lee, and Amber Greenlee with Hamil Griffin-Cassidy in the control room. It was a good show. Scrabble refers to a show that Hamil did called Ultimate Scrabble that aired Tuesday nights. Hamil is so good at Scrabble that a website was created ( where Minneapolis would join forces to […]

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And it was Alright -GE originally aired 01/10/2004

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This is a hard and beautiful comic to me. Steve again, made several years after the last one he starred in, I was about 21 when this comic was made. He broke my heart, but this was the first moment for me to realize that wasn’t the end of me. We remained friends for several […]

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