New Beginnings

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I’ve had a stressful spell recently. Some dental injuries, the end of a fifteen-year friendship, and moving to same a few items on a long list as to why.   Here is the good. The end of the friendship has inspired me to draw again. I have a comic I’m working on about it. The […]

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State of the Panel, 2017

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More cartoonin‘ A photo posted by Amber Greenlee (@artglych) on Dec 27, 2016 at 11:55am PST I’ve been a busy girl this year… And not very good for not updating this site as much as I needed to. But there is a new year upon us, so it is our duty to push forward, putting […]

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State of the Panel, October 2016

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So it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. My Facebook feed and page for Panel2Panel have been more active as has my instagram. Both my Twitter and Instagram accounts can be found her: @artglych. My Facebook you can follow, but not friend.   Recently, I have been finishing up a […]

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Part II, The Isle of Conclusions -GE originally aired 07/10/2002

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This was a fun comic to draw and one of the first comics I ever did digitally with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop. The lack of color was a creative choice to bring in hints later on. Even though I have learned a lot since making this comic and there are things I would do […]

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“The Fabulous Perils of February”

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This episode stars Amber Greenlee (hi!), Carolyn Kopecky, and Kay Kirstch at the table with Hamil Griffin-Cassidy playing the control room. Take it away Hamil! Philo was a call-in comic book show where Minneapolis wrote what the character did from panel to panel. The show aired Monday nights at 9pm on the Minneapolis Television Network […]

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Part I, The Black Sea- GE originally aired 07/09/2002

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There was a period of time between my 21st and 27th birthdays where I would experience bouts of depression without benefit of diagnosis. These periods would rob me of inspiration and confidence to create. This is one of those early comics I made to try and stave off the dark wolves nipping at the heals […]

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This episode stars Carolyn Kopecky, Shawna Lee, and Amber Greenlee with Hamil Griffin-Cassidy in the control room. It was a good show. Scrabble refers to a show that Hamil did called Ultimate Scrabble that aired Tuesday nights. Hamil is so good at Scrabble that a website was created ( where Minneapolis would join forces to […]

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