The Mile High City

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Over the past several weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of consulting with local artists about branding and selling their artwork. It’s been rewarding work that has taught me a lot about myself and what I enjoy doing. Every artist has a market for their art but sometimes they’re not always sure where that is. […]

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Relocation, location, location

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Coming out of online hibernation now. We made it to Denver without much to report. Both Ian and I are good and the cats all seem to be fine. For the moment, we’re staying with a friend until the house sells in California. Wow, I love this state! Between the glorious splendor of the Rocky […]

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Life moves on…

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Things have been hectic, over here at The Panel. For the past several months we’ve been prepping a move from southern California to to Denver, CO¬†and new opportunities. This means I won’t be able to upload any comics for the next few months and will probably be out of commission for new assignments until about […]

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State of the Panel, Summer 2014

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Hi All! Things have been very busy around the homestead of Amber Greenlee, as I am preparing a move from California to Denver in late June or early July. Due to the move, artwork updates have come to a standstill from my end and won’t pick up again until August first. Travis Miller will be […]

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Spent the week in Denver, Co, to catch up with friends and look around for transplant locations. It’s a vibrant city with an active nightlife and artistic community. There are marvelous public art pieces everywhere that inspire and challenge the mind. Above, you see me next to a Banksy discovered in the doorway of a […]

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