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This image of T is to celebrate the fact the all of P2Ps archives are currently working. T will be joining us in the Happy New Year.

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Websites, UPDATE

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I did it. I don’t know exactly how, but I did it- I fixed the Comic Easel bug in the archives of the sub-domains. This means, while I lost the ability to use Comic Easel on the main page, I do not have to re-upload my archives on the subs. I’m sure Jeff Drake is […]

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Fixing P2P

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A few weeks ago, an open source perfect storm happened on my site. WordPress updated, the gallery plugin I was using updated, and Comic Easel updated (the archiving plugin I was using for my comics). Through some strange occurrence and chemistry between the three blew up my CSS, broke the links to the majority of […]

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Rebuilding again?

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In order to display everything in the way that I would like, my tech-savvy friends are telling me I have to write a new proprietary system from scratch. I’m not prepared to do that, so we came up with a decent compromise. This means that some of the archives might disappear as they will be […]

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