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This image of T is to celebrate the fact the all of P2Ps archives are currently working. T will be joining us in the Happy New Year.

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Filed in website code Comments Off on Franken-Easel’s namesake, and the creator of the Comic Easel plugin  Philip M. Hofer, came to my aid hearing through the google grapevine that I needed some. He seems to have identified and fixed the error in my code for Easel, but I will be tooling around with those changes today. The theme might change, things might […]

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And then there were none…

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“Another Flaw In The Human Character Is That Everybody Wants To Build And Nobody Wants To Do Maintenance.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. I’m going to tell you a story.There is a long and sordid history with making comics online. I was there with Keenspace, in the early days, when Gav used Pearl algorithms to support […]

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Archived problems

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All sub-domain archives are down right now. You can view the latest updates on the main page, but the CSS broke again behind the scenes. Working on it this week and should have it up by X-Mas. Thanks for reading!

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Websites, UPDATE

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I did it. I don’t know exactly how, but I did it- I fixed the Comic Easel bug in the archives of the sub-domains. This means, while I lost the ability to use Comic Easel on the main page, I do not have to re-upload my archives on the subs. I’m sure Jeff Drake is […]

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Fixing P2P

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A few weeks ago, an open source perfect storm happened on my site. WordPress updated, the gallery plugin I was using updated, and Comic Easel updated (the archiving plugin I was using for my comics). Through some strange occurrence and chemistry between the three blew up my CSS, broke the links to the majority of […]

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WordPress, Comic Easel, my Galleries plugin, and Tweetdeck all crashed on Monday when I updated the code. Please standby while I fix what’s broken. To all clients waiting on work progress, please text message or call me until I can get things up and running again. Thank you.

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