Philo Shuffle

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I have located all of my Philo DVDs from the show back in Minneapolis, but realized many of my images are either lost or missing. For the time being, I have taken the archives down while I pair episode art with actual videos. I’ll be uploading at least one old Philo video a week randomly […]

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“No Nose Woman”

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July 9th, 2007 – Another comic by Hamil Griffin-Cassidy. I did not call into this one but I did see it live on TV. Each panel is described by a different person calling in. It’s a pretty solid round story from Minneapolis. No video for this comic, either, but that changes next week.

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The Life of Glych

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This comic has been sitting in the “Out” box on my desk for over a year now, so it’s about time to upload it. I’m retroactively uploading the old archives today and tomorrow, so if you visit and it seems like there are huge chunks of the story missing, that’d be why. I just need […]

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This image of T is to celebrate the fact the all of P2Ps archives are currently working. T will be joining us in the Happy New Year.

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And then there were none…

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“Another Flaw In The Human Character Is That Everybody Wants To Build And Nobody Wants To Do Maintenance.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. I’m going to tell you a story.There is a long and sordid history with making comics online. I was there with Keenspace, in the early days, when Gav used Pearl algorithms to support […]

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Websites, Plans, and News

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The good news is I managed to get my main site working again by switching to a different gallery plug-in and starting from scratch. Unfortunately, I lost my original media files and comics. I have back ups of everything, so I need to upload the old archives again into the new framework. Since I have […]

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Fixing P2P

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A few weeks ago, an open source perfect storm happened on my site. WordPress updated, the gallery plugin I was using updated, and Comic Easel updated (the archiving plugin I was using for my comics). Through some strange occurrence and chemistry between the three blew up my CSS, broke the links to the majority of […]

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