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State of the Panel, October 2016



So it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. My Facebook feed and page for Panel2Panel have been more active as has my instagram. Both my Twitter and Instagram accounts can be found her: @artglych. My Facebook you can follow, but not friend.


Recently, I have been finishing up a short contract stint at Prairie Mountain Media in Boulder and Denver, CO working for several of their publications in the art department. At the same time, I was also teaching animation and stop motion classes at EXL Learning in Denver to K-12. Once the Prairie Mountain Media contract completed, I took a short break and jumped right back into gallery work. Now, I’m working at Teller Street Gallery teaching classes about once a month or so as well as EXL still teaching a variety of subjects. I’m also doing Special Effects Makeup for 13th Floor Haunted House in Denver for this Halloween season.

Panel2Panel is going to get more active in 2017. A slow build until then. I am alive (yay!)


Oh, also LOTS of Pop portraits have been painted, but not posted to the site yet. It’ll take me some time.


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