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State of the Panel, 2017

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I’ve been a busy girl this year… And not very good for not updating this site as much as I needed to. But there is a new year upon us, so it is our duty to push forward, putting 2016 behind us.

We lost a great many heroes this past year. Several celebrities, but also scientists, engineers, dreamers, writers, comic book legends. Some of these deaths affected me more than others. I had a weird morbid fascination with them over the year. I wrote a few jokes about some and sold them.

And I have been doing that; selling jokes. Actually selling them. Ca-ching! Bot a huge ka-ching… More like that olde time-y manual bell and tower register with decorative tips on the 10 cent tab you see in old westerns. I have made some money in my PayPal account. Enough for a phone bill or two. But still! Writing! Payment! Score!

I had a severe bout of depression this year. In the day-job life, I was working four jobs at once during the month of October. I was doing special effects makeup for 13th Floor Haunted House, working in an advertising firm, teaching film and animation classes at EXL Learning tutoring center, and curating the Teller Street gallery. As of this writing, my contracts have completed with all of those companies.

What caused the depressive episode was that I had reached burnout. I was able to save up some money and will treat myself tomorrow by buying a new work computer. This will allow me to post more to the site and get some of these painting commissions off my desk.

New Years are about resolutions. I have opted to improve myself. I want to post more, write more, read more, draw more, work out more, lose weight… blah blah blah… The details aren’t important but my resolution to do them is.

There is new work on Instagram. Not everything I have posted there has made it here, so check it out using the link above. I do plan on linking Instagram to P2P, but have to investigate the plugins to do that first.

A ton of new Pop Portraits are ready to be added and I found the next season of Philo. There is good news in that new updates are coming to the site. Yay! I have a backlog. *GASP*

Comics might be coming. Maybe. There are plans but I need to figure out if I want to go for it or if it needs more work.

Okay, back to the drawing board. New Years. New Choices. The cat in the tux up there looks dapper enough to mean it.

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