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Look at me! I’m social.



Howdy. So I’m going to be Livestreaming painting all day. There’s also some videos from yesterday’s Livestream. I’ve also joined Instagram under the name “artglych.” Many of the creative people I know utilize it for exposure, so I thought I’d take the plunge. I have been posting progress pics for the paintings there as well. Once I have clean scans of the new Pop Portraits, those will be uploaded here.

Speaking of Pop Portraits. I did the math- I have sold more originals than I have kept. This means the series is a success. The original sales go into paying for prints of the entire series. I’ve decided on doing a limited run of 100 of each size for each piece. The prints will each be numbered, signed, dated, and shipped with a letter of authenticity.

In other news, I’ve been working as one of the production artists for a short film “The Friend Zone.” We’re having an Indigogo campaign for it. If you like what you see on Livestream, chip in and help make a movie. Links below:

The Friend Zone Skyscraper

The Friend Zone Indiegogo

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