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Getting back to it



Aaaahhhh…getting back to making art, slowly, between other projects. With the election results from last November, I have been very very busy writing jokes. It hasn’t lent much time to being creative for myself, so I have not been able to post as much as I like.

There are two new projects coming to Panel2Panel this year. The first will be Captain T and the Search for King Ollie’s Gold. I debated for a long time about animating this myself, but I feel I don’t have the lifetime length to complete it. So, I will use my experience and expertise and just make the story I’ve written into a webcomic. If people like it, then I might get my animated cartoon. Until then, it will be an inconsistent update schedule for the comic until I can settle down how to fit it into my day on a regular basis.

The other project is Glych and the Beautiful Book. I started this project last year but had to put it down due to some health complications. I picked it back up again recently. I have several pages to scan and upload (Same for Captain T), so archives are coming soon.

On that note, my Livestream is active again! Here are some links. I do not plan on saving these, so they’ll be deleted from the servers in a month or so. Catch them now. Enjoy!

Link to a Beautiful Book warm up session

Link to coloring the first Captain T page

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