Projects and Personal Works

No Stereotypes

No Stereotypes

A man’s quest for peace, a woman’s fight for love, and a god’s battle against extinction. No Stereotypes is a webcomic that Amber Greenlee has been working on off and on since 2003. It is very close to being finished.

Life og Glych

Life of Glych

Life of Glych is a semi-autobiographical comic about climbing out of depression and into positivity.


Pop Portraits

Pop Portraits – Small portraits by Amber Greenlee of movies, comics, and various other pop culture inspirations.



Occasionally Amber Greenlee will turn on her webcam while she is at the art table. These events are usually announced ahead of time. The videos stay on the account for a month before being deleted.

Artistic Works

Various works.


Digital and traditional medium.

Art Process

Videos and progress photos following the Pop Portrait series, comics, illustration, and other work.

Throw Back Thursday Art

Old art from Glych's Experiment, sketchbooks, projects, and more.

Glych's Experiment

Glych's Experiment was a comic that ran from 2001-2005 on various sites including, and These are selected works from that series.

The Search For Inspiration

Originally as part of Glych's Experiment, the Search for Inspiration was an inner struggle to fight writer's block and depression.

Television and Film

Various projects.


By Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, Amber Greenlee, Carolyn Kopecky, Kay Kirscht, and more! The personal archives of a long time running cable access show on Monday night's at 9pm-10pm on channel 19. A live comic book show where we drew the story the Twin Cities wrote, call by call.

Other MTN Shows

Other shows done for the Minneapolis Television Network besides Philo.
Sep 08, 2015"Call in Karaoke"
Oct 06, 2015"Freaky Deeky"

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