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Filming Philo
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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

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Filming Philo





Philo aired on MTN 19, Monday nights at 9pm from 2007-2009. It was a live-drawn comic book that Minneapolis told us to draw by calling in.  Hamil Griffin-Cassidy was the brains behind the operation (pictured below). He loves interaction that’s possible between an audience and the show they are watching. We never had a call screener, or a budget. All of the art supplies were supplied by the artists. Sometimes they came up with some wild stuff. Each show was an hour long, so we had exactly 40 minutes to draw and 10 minutes to wrap up, with 10 minutes of commercials. Each panel would take anywhere between 6-10 minutes in and of itself. With multiple artists, we were able to spread out the workload. All drawings were done within the hour, so they’re very rough. Click the image to view the larger version.

Hamil at the controlsHamil working the control room like a boss. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 philo_2Carolyn Kopecky and I drawing in Studio B, which was much smaller than studio A. We would bluescreen the feeds from the drawing cams into the center of the coverage camera. Photo by Hamil Griffin Cassidy.
Amber and Hamil filming PhiloHamil and I at the table, live on air. There is a camera behind each one of us pointing down at the paper with another camera covering a 2-up shot of us from the front. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 philo_1Another day of shooting. This time we’re accompanied by Kaye Kirtch, another local artist of Minneapolis. Photo by Hamil Griffin-Cassidy.
A hamil POV of Philo.A Hamil POV shot of where the camera is pointed. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 Hamil and I from studio A. Photo by Photo by Aaron Landry.
From the control room, live on airThis is a great shot from the control room of what the final product of the show looked like once it made it to the airwaves. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 philo_6Carolyn and I drawing Philo, from the back. We used the live feed for our safety rather than a control room feed. it made things very interesting at times when we were lining up the artwork into frame.
Hamil manning the help at the start of tapingAn action shot of Hamil working the controls before coming out to the studio proper to join me. You can see me through the window. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 philo-20071203One of Carolyn’s comics entitled “Wake Up.”
 A close up of Hamil's comicAn action shot of one of the comics Hamil drew for Philo. Photo by Aaron Landry.
 philo-20070910One of my comics where Minneapolis took us on a wild space opera.


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