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Captain T always has a mischievous glint in his eye.
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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

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Captain T: Character Sheet



It’s been a while. Captain T is a project I’ve been working on for a long time in secret. Captain T is based on Ian’s cat of 13 years, Tweeker, who passed away in 2014. Art is not something that is meant to be kept hidden away from people, so I’m going to start including people in on the process. The good Captain is an scoundrelĀ in search of treasure. Addie is his first mate, a stowaway writing about the adventures they live. They are in search of King Ollie’s gold.

This is an early character drawing for Captain T from 2013. His design has changes some since then. He has wider cheeks and he’s not so chubby. T’s ears and nose have become pinker, but his vest remains the same bright red. His gloves are now also read. Captain T is on the line between being animated and being a comic. As of this writing, I’m not sure.

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