New Beginnings

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I’ve had a stressful spell recently. Some dental injuries, the end of a fifteen-year friendship, and moving to same a few items on a long list as to why.   Here is the good. The end of the friendship has inspired me to draw again. I have a comic I’m working on about it. The […]

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In Short…

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It’s going to be a short week for Livestreaming and art table time, with no Monday or Friday events planned. As far as Livestreaming goes, I’m still trying to figure out a digital setup I’m satisfied with, so you might come to see a few more unannounced tests in the archives. And I’m making comics […]

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Life’s Little Victories.

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This week has been a very busy for us here at Panel2Panel. Painting, drawing, inking, and taking on new comic projects. I’ve been doing Livestreams weekly, and jumping right back into my old good habits of making art and having fun with it while also getting paid. One reason why I think productivity dropped for […]

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And on the note of personal progress…

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The life of a self-employed artist rarely contains sick days. But I’ve been out for over a week with the flu and stomach problems. I’m good now, just letting y’all know I’m alive. Here’s a pic of Mr. Rogers and the Dalai Lama together. For anyone unfamiliar or nostalgic about Mr. Rogers should check out […]

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Storm cleared…

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The good news is my stomach is doing a lot better though I’m not yet 100%. it is not my gall bladder but we’re still tracking down the problem. The bad news is, I’m seriously overdue on updates to the site. So this week, I’m going to make it a point to get everything on […]

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Under the weather…

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As an artist, I have the luxury of being self-employed. This is great in a lot of respects- I’m my own boss, I give myself some slack when I need it, I hound myself also when I need it. It does not always mean security to be self-employed. I must also sell myself, constantly look […]

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