New Beginnings

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I’ve had a stressful spell recently. Some dental injuries, the end of a fifteen-year friendship, and moving to same a few items on a long list as to why.   Here is the good. The end of the friendship has inspired me to draw again. I have a comic I’m working on about it. The […]

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Getting back to it

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  Aaaahhhh…getting back to making art, slowly, between other projects. With the election results from last November, I have been very very busy writing jokes. It hasn’t lent much time to being creative for myself, so I have not been able to post as much as I like. There are two new projects coming to Panel2Panel […]

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Some Philo Archives!

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Woot! I got some Philo archives up until October of 2007 ***EDIT: January, 2008. There is almost another two years left of comics after that and the entire run of videos to upload, but I think I figured out a method for doing so. Behind the scenes, things have finally settled enough for me to […]


State of the Panel, Summer 2014

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Hi All! Things have been very busy around the homestead of Amber Greenlee, as I am preparing a move from California to Denver in late June or early July. Due to the move, artwork updates have come to a standstill from my end and won’t pick up again until August first. Travis Miller will be […]

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Edda sneak peak and Geekgasms

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Travis Miller is a hell of a guy. Out of the blue, he’s suddenly doing this comic for Panel2panel, and shaped part of his life around making that happen. I haven’t tried to hover, but I am excited to start seeing pages. Here is one of the first sneak peaks he sent me of the […]

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Featured Archives Added to P2P

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I’ve been keeping busy getting the site ready for the boys. To help illustrate the type of work we like to do here, I’ll be uploading an old Philo episode and comic back from my time on doing this live call-in comic book show where we drew the story Minneapolis wrote. This show ran […]

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Remember that “Other Plans,” part?

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We’re moving to Denver. The news is sudden but welcome. This means my 3X a week plan has been cut down to only once a week for No Stereotypes. But that’s okay! New comic starting on the first from Travis Miller called Edda here on P2P to sustain you. Edda will update every following Monday unless something […]

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