Getting back to it

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  Aaaahhhh…getting back to making art, slowly, between other projects. With the election results from last November, I have been very┬ávery busy writing jokes. It hasn’t lent much time to being creative for myself, so I have not been able to post as much as I like. There are two new projects coming to Panel2Panel […]

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Starting to bring things together.

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After the Livestream today, I uploaded a lot of progress photos for the Metropolis painting and loaded them up in the Life of Glych portion of the site, as I’m turning that into my production blog. You can find all of the archives here, which might be the easiest way at first. The archives rotate […]

The Life of Glych

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This comic has been sitting in the “Out” box on my desk for over a year now, so it’s about time to upload it. I’m retroactively uploading the old archives today and tomorrow, so if you visit and it seems like there are huge chunks of the story missing, that’d be why. I just need […]

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New comics…

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Working at an SEO firm now has taught me a few things about updating and marketing. I’ve only learned what a bad web-artist I’ve been. Slowly, changing that, I have one (count ’em) one new comic in the archives this morning for No Stereotypes. You can view the comic here. I see there are some […]

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No Stereotypes is back!

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I figured out a great deal of the comics archives today and had quite the scare. Both my friends Robert Howard and Rob Withoff are to thank for my rescued archives from the many crashes of the many lives of Linda and various servers. So, to both my guys, thank you! I plan on updating […]

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