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Amber Greenlee

Amber Greenlee; An Entertainment Artist with Film and Television Production and Comic Publication credits going back over fifteen years with a BFA in Comic Art from MCAD. Though currently focused on personal projects, private commission and consulting prices are available upon request.


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  1. Reply Reggie 13/01/01

    S.O.S. !!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey there – I am a fellow artist and webcomic creator….only thing is I cant seem to get my wordpress to work 🙁
    I am hopelessly loss and very discouraged – please rescue me 🙁 🙁 🙁


  2. Reply Reggie 13/01/01

    BTW – I LOOOOOOVE YOUR 3 webcomics – ur really talented

  3. Reply Justin Krever 17/03/15

    Hello I am the writer of a horror webcomic series called “Chicago Supernatural Defense Department. The series is about a world were the supernatural for example Werewolves, Vampires, and psychics exist. But unlike a lot of other comics everyone knows about. In fact the crime is so dangerous along with specialized that they have their own department. We are on devianart the link should be below. The first issue is about a monster of my own creation called a “shifter”. Shifter are monster who live of off greed they give people what they desire. By gaining magical energy from their greed. Then using that energy to manifest it. But their is a catch. When the monster has sucked all the greed it can from a person. It kills then skins them and wears their skins to get more victims. I would be grateful if you read it link is below.

    Thank you, for your time

    Justin Krever

    • Reply Amber 17/06/01

      Did you want artwork for the series?

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