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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

Painting Boba Fett

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Here’s a video from the Pop Portrait series. Boba Fett, take 2. Enjoy!



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Poison Ivy Video

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Poison Ivy Timelaps. Three and a half hours compressed down to seven minutes.

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Some Philo Archives!

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Woot! I got some Philo archives up until October of 2007 ***EDIT: January, 2008. There is almost another two years left of comics after that and the entire run of videos to upload, but I think I figured out a method for doing so. Behind the scenes, things have finally settled enough for me to start updating the site again on a regular basis. I’ll have access to my archives and tools soon enough to start scanning in my future production diary for Captain T.


The Mile High City

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Over the past several weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of consulting with local artists about branding and selling their artwork. It’s been rewarding work that has taught me a lot about myself and what I enjoy doing. Every artist has a market for their art but sometimes they’re not always sure where that is. I believe in these artists I’ve been working with and their dedication to their work. We’ve been packaging and refining some pieces for weeks. Today was spent walking along the 16th street mall in downtown Denver with samples in hand to sell to a local vendor. Pretty exciting stuff. You’ll have to wait a few more days until we’re done taking photos of the final product.

Also, lots and lots of writing. Captain T is coming- Oh yes. And it will be wonderful. I’ve finished the first draft of episode one and am currently in the rewriting. Writing is fun, re-writing is work. But it’s work I enjoy doing. A production diary is on the horizon as I track my progress on the project. Until then, writing, writing, writing.

More to come! See you soon.

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The passing of Robin Williams.

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The recent tragic death of Robin Williams was quite shocking to me. I found myself thinking these thoughts over and over again until I finally put them down. I needed to get this block out from my other work. While there are countless deaths happening in the world through war, genocide, and terror it is sometimes unclear why the death of someone unassociated with these things can get so much more attention. The truth of the matter is about visibility. Robin Williams was seen the world over in movies, television, posters for such things, on stage, in comedy clubs, and heard on the radio. He entertained troops in Iraq during the thickest fighting. He was a lonesome child growing up. The clip below from Mork and Mindy: Mork meets Robin Williams (Season 3, Episode 10). In his Inside the Actor’s Studio interview, he discussed how this clip was him talking about the real him. So, here’s a poem I wrote about the man’s death. I’m sure Robert Pinsky could do better.


Robin Williams

The flashing smile and quickest wit
Do not always save the day.
It becomes not important to stay fit,
To care, to dress, or want to stay.

Lightning jokes and deadpan humor
Are both felt as highs and low.
It’s hard to fathom the pain to cure
(Or think to cure) with drugs like blow.

An actor becomes what he invents,
He builds the mask that others see.
Within camouflaged environments,
“Disappearing into me.”

The tall thin walls created by
The character masks- the actor wears,
It’s not enough to love his work
You have to love them and make it theirs.

Those walls can crumble, fall and crack.
They can bury the builder in too high.
The blackness hides the dark path back,
They redraw into the self-hate lie-

That they’re not worth the life they live,
And that nothing has an impact.
They think there is nothing to give,
That life, itself, is just an act.

To choose the ending of their own play,
Is not how story structure works.
The characters really have no say,
Of the ending of them that darkly lurks.

It is the actor and creator and the muse-
The inventor of these masks galore,
Finding simply nothing of use,
In all himself to live some more.

There is no time travel, no magic left-
To say “Don’t do it,” or simply “Stop.”
It feels like murder, like petty theft.
The whole world’s heart fell down “plop.”

The creative spark and touch you made…
I wish you’d fought…I wish you’d stayed.

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Relocation, location, location

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Coming out of online hibernation now. We made it to Denver without much to report. Both Ian and I are good and the cats all seem to be fine. For the moment, we’re staying with a friend until the house sells in California.

Wow, I love this state! Between the glorious splendor of the Rocky Mountains to the west, rolling clouds with short cooling rains, the amount of visual green space while driving around, bike paths, and opportunities, I find myself questioning why I didn’t do this sooner. Moving is very expensive, though, so money is a bit tight until I get more established here. A few freelance writing gigs have already been picked up here so I am encouraged by the new environment.

This means the long process of updating my social media information and accounts on sites like and skillshare to reflect my new surroundings. The office is completely packed up and in storage in a POD somewhere so I’ll be unable to update the comics until it is unpacked and I have access to my printer and scanner again. The same is true of the Pop Portraits. To rectify the absence of art, I’ll be posting some experiments drawn with a Wacom tablet on the LOG portion of the site within the coming weeks.

Stay tuned…

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Life moves on…

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Things have been hectic, over here at The Panel. For the past several months we’ve been prepping a move from southern California to to Denver, CO¬†and new opportunities. This means I won’t be able to upload any comics for the next few months and will probably be out of commission for new assignments until about August or September as I won’t even have a studio set up to do work in until that time.

Things have been quiet around here with business. When the house was purchased, it was a HUD home, torn up by its last tenant who lost his mortgage to the house. Acid was poured on carpets, doorknobs snapped off, toilets “double decked.” The sprinkler systems were sabotaged, spray paint in the shower, backyard overrun with weeds and critters of all types. It was disgusting. Nearly four years later, the market bounced back and many back-breaking hours of labor put into sprucing up the place. I know that this isn’t the most artistic thing to talk about, but it is what my life has become of late- The New Yankee Workshop meets the “Paint Drying Channels” of HGTV and the DIY Network. Not in the watching, but in the doing.

We’ve placed pavers, nailed down weed-cloth, poured rock, spread mulch, planted, re-planted, and weeded every inch of the yard. The lawn regrown, the sprinklers fixed. Fans installed. New tile, new baseboards. Paint, paint, paint. Basically flipping the house more slowly than the shows. Our PODs arrived this week and the heavy stuff is in. The move is very real now.

I realize now, as much as I like gardening, cleaning, and repairing things, I miss making art. I have been finishing up projects for other people and writing in the evenings super-secret-hush-hush projects of my own. Until I pack up the office, I will be posting updates to my Livestream account. In Denver, I’ll pick everything up again once we get settled. The end of No Stereotypes has been written. I have plans for Life of Glych as well as a few other things. No pictures this post, just an update. So…have a nice summer!


Here’s a link to the current Livestream.

Here’s a link to the livestream, though!

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