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Edda sneak peak and Geekgasms

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Click on me for a larger, sexy drawing of these promo pics!

Travis Miller is a hell of a guy. Out of the blue, he’s suddenly doing this comic for Panel2panel, and shaped part of his life around making that happen. I haven’t tried to hover, but I am excited to start seeing pages. Here is one of the first sneak peaks he sent me of the upcoming Edda storyline. Enjoy.

Live on the site today, we have Geekgasm, Andy Floyd’s new venture tracking the progress through a new project. I laid out the first few entries just to show him how the WordPress/Easel archives work, and then I’ll let him sail along. You’ll see a fantastic Blender environment that Andy created so far.

I just spent the last several hours setting that section up and getting the blog to plug in properly. So far, a very productive day. To share in some of my excitement, here is a Livestream video I also did today of Tree-heart hybrid tattoos.


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Featured Archives Added to P2P

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I’ve been keeping busy getting the site ready for the boys. To help illustrate the type of work we like to do here, I’ll be uploading an old Philo episode and comic back from my time on doing this live call-in comic book show where we drew the story Minneapolis wrote. This show ran from 2007-2009 of which I have the majority of the run for. Each panel was dedicated to a caller. The first few weeks, I have no video footage for as of this writing, but the following each have the original un-cut episode attached to them in the comments section.

Edda starts updating on the next week, and Geekgasm returns to the Internet next week from the wonderful mind of Andy Floyd. So, lots of exciting things.

Here’s some Philo thumbnails to keep you excited about what’s coming. Consider them a sneak peek.

philo-20070723-th philo-20070730-th philo-20070813-th
philo-20070820-th philo-20070827-th philo-20070903-th
philo-20070910-th philo-20070917-th philo-20070926-th
philo-20071008-th philo-20071022-th philo-20071122-th

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Remember that “Other Plans,” part?

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log_iconWe’re moving to Denver. The news is sudden but welcome. This means my 3X a week plan has been cut down to only once a week for No Stereotypes. But that’s okay! New comic starting on the first from Travis Miller called Edda here on P2P to sustain you. Edda will update every following Monday unless something happens. Promo images are going up Saturday. I got a P2P Google calendar set up and on the right now, so it’s easier for us to change our update schedules at a glance, rather than trumping through a lot of code. Character images are still in the work as well as location pages. It’s just a lot of code and data entry before me.


I’ll be working on new comics and tattoo designs today

Livestreaming in a half hour, so check it out.

Sunday I’ll be Muralin’ again.

Hi, I'm Ryan Talmo's Twitter Profile Picture.

Hi, I’m Ryan Talmo’s Twitter Profile Picture.

Monday, 6:30pm-2am at the Universal Bar and Grill (map). I’ll be doing a set along with this long list of comics:

Revenge of 100 Comics

Chris Putro,
Evan Kessler,
Jake Luce,
Erik Myers,
Domenic Padulo,
Mikey McKernan,
Robert Chambers,
Kevin Anderson,
Travis Clark,
Mae Victoria,
Chris Chavez,
Camilo Alvear,
Andy Sell,
Michael James Benson,
Joe Bowling,
Colleen Love-morgan,
Erikka Innes,
Brock Wilbur,
Derrick Lemos,
Ron Swallow,
Chrissy Brewster,
Amber Glych Greenlee,
Vanessa Bardun,
Jessica Koucouthakis,
Xander Beltran,
Chad Ridgely,
Alex Davenport,
Chad Lurie,
Whitney Melton,
Comedian Billy Batz,
Rivers Langley,
Alan Lee,
Caitlin Cutt, ,
Maral Adams,
Christopher R Martin,
Alycia Marie,
Andy Hartley,
Kelly McInerney,
Denise Vasquez,
Andrew Lisa,
Paul Laier,
Bri Gigér,
Nick Thomas,
Brent Parris,
Sami Sutker,
Joe Dungan,
Gregory Aram Kashmanian,
Michelle March,
Kyle Clark,
Reza Asgari,
Doug Dixon,
Ben Gonzalez,
Jeremy Toscher,
Jeremy Bassett,
Thomas Young,
Ina Romeo,
Erik von Smithberg,
Andrew Solmssen,
Phil S. Gould,
Quincy L. Johnson II,
Jeff May,
James Dueñas,
Erik Escobar,
Logan Guntzelman,
Frank Nicotero,
Perry Kurtz,
Gothcomedian Mark White,
Aaron Michael Marsh,
Keith Carey,
Dave Gregory,
Adam Feuerberg,
Maurice Northup,
Nicole Briscoe,
Eric DeLuca,
Greg Buckman,
Bombo Belford,
Damian A. Kaner,
Rude Morales,
Anthony Mojica TxCx,
Shannon Bobo,
Jamal Prophit P Coleman,
Seth Woodward,
Tony Bartolone,
Lauren Farmer-Wilson,
Bob Kitson,
BurritoLady Pam,
Al Gonzales,
Robbie Kirkhuff,
Simon Gibson,
Jimmy Rhodes,
Spencer Richards,
Drew Janda,
Scott Blacks,
Jake Cannon,
Greg Edwards,
Richie TheC,
Dan Schneider,
Regan Talleh,
Nikki Wantz,
Jahnavi Goldstein,
Mark Fernandez,
Mark Gonzales

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Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans

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I was planning on having a No Stereotypes comic done and up yesterday. I even had a backlog set up. Last week there were two tragedies in my family; my mother’s brother had a heart attack and had his chest opened to put a stint in and clear his blocked arteries. While he has since woken up from his ordeal and has had the breathing tube removed, he is still in ICU as of this writing, but expected to make it. My great-cousin was not so lucky, passing away from chemotherapy complications that built up over fifteen years. Her funeral was on Saturday. My mother flew across half the country to see my uncle and then drove out across the other half with my aunt to come to the funeral. Mom stayed here which threw a monkey wrench into my hard-won art table time. This is why the comic is going up tonight after the Livestream.

Data is watching my Livestream

Data is watching my Livestream, and look how happy he is.

Thank you for your patience. In other news, if you missed my work, Paul Dini has a brand new website full of awesome goodies. So click below and check it out. If you don’t know who Paul Dini is, I invite you to click below and check him out and you’ll learn, “oh, you actually totally know his work ALREADY!” My favorite, of course, is the Nerdator episode from Freakazoid!

Click on me for the wonderment of all that is Paul Dini.

Click on me for the wonderment of all that is Paul Dini.

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Things are going on!

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log_iconNew comics and updates are coming to the site within the next few weeks. One is a story titled Edda that is a retelling of the old Norse legend through the eyes of a modern soldier This comes to us from the talented mind and hand of Travis Miller. The next is much harder to describe as I’m still tracking down a description from Speaker. From my own side of the world will be coming early test animations for a much MUCH larger project. Also, I’m continuing to paint murals at the SGI-USA Buddhist Association Center in La Puente, CA, so come on out. These murals are put together by the talented Dennis McGonagle, who has been a local artist of the Whittier area for years. I feel privileged to be invited out again to help paint an ocean April 13th. Another local artist and friend of Dennis, is Don Forkner (pictured below), also came out and lent his hand to the desert, slightly view-able from this photo.

My contribution to the last painting session, the "Pop Volcano." Pictured fellow artist Don Forkner.

My contribution to the last painting session, the “Pop Volcano.” Pictured fellow artist Don Forkner.

I’ll have really good, high quality photos of this mural project before the end of the whole thing. It’s been a fun process throughout and I’ve been having a good time.

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Testing New Facebook Integration

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Not sure if it will work...

Not sure if it will work…

Here, thar be text! Thar wolf. Where wolf? Thar wolf- yar.

New No Stereotypes right now!

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20th No, I’m serious- check out the Livestream going on right now and see me working on new art. Click on that scared little Jody to see what we’re doing. I know I feel like she looks.

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